General Collateral

Private equity and real estate firms require many of the same basic brand materials as companies in any industry.

These materials can include evergreen brochures,  corporate fact sheets,  or identity systems which carry a firm’s brand through touch points such as email signatures and business cards.  Attractive and properly executed corporate materials will serve as indication of a firm’s general level of organization and diligence.


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Impactful brochures can serve as an early indicator of a firm’s caliber and capabilities.  These documents may be passed from one decision maker to another and need to properly represent the firm and its offerings,  as if a representative were in the room themselves.

Darien Group works with our clients to design bespoke brochures to be distributed among the firm’s network.


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A strong brand identity system ensures cohesion throughout brand rollout,  while also affording clients flexibility and freedom for future brand development.  From physical collateral like business cards and letterhead to digital features like e-signatures,  identity systems should be another corroboration of a strong brand and company personality.

Darien Group works with private equity and real estate investment clients to create unique,  empowering,  eye-catching identity systems that will benefit internal culture as well as external relations.

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