Bringing the Experience Economy to Low-Engagement Industries

October 22, 2018     |     Darien Group

The individual consumer has grown accustomed to a service-based economy. From dentistry practices to car dealerships, traditionally low-engagement businesses are investing more and more in their customer service in order to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Companies like Amazon and Warby Parker are leading the pack, having secured global brand reputations for their revolutionary and reliable customer experience.

“It may seem that there is little opportunity for investment managers to apply these business-to-consumer strategies to their businesses, but these practices can in fact be tailored to attract investors and leave a positive impression.”

“We maintain that every interaction, in every form, should be thoughtful; all marketing materials should embody a client-focused mission. These include any and all of a firm’s brand collateral, including its website, PPM, pitchbook, fund or corporate brochures, and tearsheets.”

Charlie Ittner, Managing Partner at Darien Group, maintains that business-to-business and investment companies must also abide by this trend in order to succeed.  “Every aspect of your business presence,” Ittner writes for CSQ, “including online platforms such as websites, review pages, and social media, is an opportunity to educate the customer on your brand and leave a positive impression.”For more on the demonstrated benefits of improving investor experience read Charlie’s article here.

“Modern-day consumers desire a brand that feels authentic, without sales gimmicks that may result in them feeling misled or letdown.”

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