B2B REPORT | Principle #3: Lead with Content

October 16, 2017     |     Darien Group

Perhaps the biggest disruption reshaping the PE industry, the rise of financial services content marketing means that GPs should start thinking like publishers. For smaller fund managers that lack an established brand identity, this transformation is key. Additionally, the JOBS Act’s deregulation of investment marketing, via recently enacted SEC rules 506(b) and 506(c)1, has created an entirely new universe of brand-storytelling opportunities for startup GPs.

In fact, a 2014 Preqin Special Report2 on the Jobs Act said the new laws could “provide an opportunity for smaller firms that are less well known to get noticed by investors, which otherwise may have been inaccessible. For these firms, new opportunities to build a brand, which allows them to communicate their core values to a wider audience, may have positive implications on fundraising in the future.”

In the RE vertical, where the accumulation of dry powder in large funds may signal “good news for smaller and mid-sized fund managers3,” a skillful content strategy will only enhance fund-marketing execution for these lower-profile GPs.

Adept content marketing through platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Medium helps GPs become thought leaders in their space, positioning them to convey their sector and/or strategy specialization(s) more effectively. Beyond offering smart and original insights, GPs must be persistent in their outreach. Before diving into content marketing, GPs should design an editorial calendar that reflects their specific area of expertise and other cyclical, seasonal and fundraising considerations.

It’s important to note that this B2B principle is meaningless unless GPs conduct a thorough a brand assessment to define, in a clear and compelling manner, who they are and what they do. Please contact us to learn more about what Darien Group can do for your content.

For those seeking more intelligence on the evolving landscape of PE fund marketing & branding, DG Journal will be publishing more insights on B2B marketing principles in the coming editions.


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