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Data is not the “new oil”. Only oil is oil and the metaphor falls somewhere between stretched and wrong. The extraction and refinement of fuels and downstream products is a unique field of endeavor, with a unique set of branding, investor relations and stakeholder contact requirements.

Oil companies have a life cycle that is far different from the way things work in the tech industry. These firms take longer to develop, and require greater intimacy with supply chains and employees. While both oil- and silicon-adjacent executives look to private equity for exit strategies, they have very different motivations and require very different messages.

Brand development

While every large, globe-spanning energy conglomerate understands how the fundamentals of branding amplify its value proposition and personality, this is a concern that is raised relatively late in the life cycle of many smaller firms. Messaging development and visual branding are considered as being of secondary importance – until suddenly they are transcendently important.

Darien Group can help oil-and-gas companies of all sizes and scopes discover how they can maximize their equity value by making themselves more memorable and approachable.

Web development

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Even if a company doesn’t sell a dollar’s worth of goods or services online, it still needs a professionally constructed website. Almost every time, it’ll be the first impression a new customer or investor is likely to have of that firm, and an impression is immediately formed as to its stability, credibility and trustworthiness.

It starts with sound design principles and ends with engaged visitors who become delighted customers. But this is all predicated on an intricate website development process every bit as complex as organic synthesis. Well, maybe not, but it’s still something best trusted to experts.

Saddle Operating Website

Saddle Operating Website

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Darien Group can concentrate on wireframes, full-site prototypes and mobile optimization so oil-and-gas experts can concentrate on breaking down alkanes, alkenes and alkynes.

Investor materials

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Different oil-and-gas businesses have different investor relations objectives. While one might be looking to float debt to fund development of a new site, another might be looking for a private equity firm to buy out a founder or managing partner. In that case, it must be scrupulous in the signals it sends. Is speed to exit what’s important, or is it maximizing the cash? Perhaps it’s neither. Frequently the most important part of an exit via PE is that the business continues to operate so that longtime employees are taken care of, and the local community can continue to thrive.

In any case, the messaging should reflect the goal. Darien Group can develop investor presentations and pitchbooks to attract the right equity buyers when it comes time to sell the business. In the meantime, Darien Group can also prepare private placement memoranda, offering memoranda, teaser brochures, fact sheets and tear sheets with the professional gloss needed to be gain the attention of the investment community.

Video and photography production

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Whether an oil-and-gas company’s goal for the video is to focus attention at the annual general meeting or to maximize SEO, it could include much the same content:

  • Interviews with executive leadership and portfolio company management teams
  • Supplementary footage of portfolio company business operations
  • Moving case studies of portfolio properties
  • Animations and interactive diagrams

Professional photoshoots provide the raw footage for Darien Group’s videos, which highlight the value propositions of oil-and-gas projects and the credentials of the leaders who saw them first.

General collateral

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Sometimes, a company’s email signatures, business cards and other branding opportunities look like they came from different places. Oil-and-gas firms certainly aren’t immune to this frequently encountered issue.

But every missed opportunity to advance or defend a brand is an instance in which that brand’s value is diluted.

Attractive, targeted corporate materials indicate a firm’s general level of organization and diligence. Darien Group can ensure that evergreen brochures, corporate fact sheets and other touchpoints promote such positive perceptions by conveying a common message and a common look-and-feel.

Aside from all that, though, an oil-and-gas company is likely to be the first business in a community to draw the attention of those concerned with environmental impact. That’s why it’s important for that firm to issue sustainability reports to both the public and to investors what it’s doing to address potential issues. Darien Group can help craft the message so that both local conservationists and investment funds with sustainability metrics in their charters can understand how one, specific oil-and-gas firm exceeds all reasonable standards.

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