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Private equity firms can derive many benefits from investing in a strong brand and communications program. Darien Group’s work on behalf of our private equity clients generally falls into one or both of two categories: preparation for capital raise and upgrading of digital presence, chiefly through website development.

Private equity marketing is no longer simply about initiating and maintaining investor relationships. In today’s crowded marketplace, it’s critical to consider a firm’s and fund’s positioning among competitive alternatives. And as attention spans decline and decision-makers are inundated with options, it is critical that every touchpoint be treated as an opportunity to make a positive and memorable impression.

Private Equity Fund Preparation:

In preparing for capital raise, private equity firm team members bear a high degree of execution risk. They must address legal entity formation, negotiate arrangements with any placement agents or intermediaries, prepare existing LPs for the upcoming raise, formulate a fundraising plan, and conduct extensive internal due diligence. These obligations are even more strenuous for smaller firms for whom Investment Team members are also the principal capital raisers.

With all these obligations, it can be difficult to find the time and focus to develop first-rate capital raise materials. Darien Group both serves as a source of valuable bandwidth in applying our time toward these deliverables and also contributes best practices and professional design and copywriting skills. The end results are best-in-class materials that reflect positively upon the capital raise team, perhaps even helping to shorten fundraise periods and get the team back to doing deals and managing portfolio companies.

Private equity investor presentations

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Investor presentations were once direct duplicates of PPM copy, reconstituted as bullet points on bland Powerpoint templates. Today, the exciting possibilities in pitchbook development and production are significant and varied.

Visual branding, design, layout, and exhibit formatting can make an investor presentation digestible and even enjoyable to page through. It is relatively straightforward to ensure your audience is not distracted from your message by an unattractive or clunky document.

Paine Schwartz Partners Investor Presentation

Court Square Capital Partners Fund IV Investor Presentation

ECP Africa Fund IV Investor Presentation

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Similarly, there are best practices regarding how to visually realize information and reduce word count throughout a presentation document so that it does not compete with your verbal message during a pitch meeting.

Finally, crisp copywriting on both body copy and headlines can increase the catchiness of your message and help LPs remember your main selling points in the weeks and months following a fund pitch meeting.

Private equity ppms

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Private equity PPMs are seeing the same evolution that public company annual reports experienced decades ago. They’re transitioning from legal reporting requirement to critical memorialization of investment strategy, accomplishments, and go-forward goals.

Court Square Capital Partners Fund IV PPM | Before & After

Court Square Capital Partners Fund IV PPM

Court Square Capital Partners Fund IV PPM

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Your PPM may be competing with books from a dozen comparable offerings for the attention of a decision-maker or gatekeeper at a given institution. That reader may be convinced to spend a little extra time on your materials if they are intelligently structured, well-written, and visually attractive. Darien Group’s team of professional writers and designers can ensure that your private equity PPM has every advantage in this competition for mindshare.

But perhaps the greatest value of contracting Darien Group to assist with PPM development and production is the tens-to-hundreds of hours of work alleviated from a General Partner’s capital raise team. A mature firm’s PPM requires thousands of words of copywriting. A qualified support team can take this onerous job off an IR team’s hands and allow them to focus on the elements of fundraise prep that only they can manage.

Private equity websites

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Private equity websites are an increasingly critical nexus of communications between private equity firms and their key constituents, such as investors, asset sellers, intermediaries, prospective employees, and media members. Websites are responsible for thousands of first impressions every year, and they should not be overlooked as an opportunity to advance a firm’s marketing strategy, brand, and narrative.

At the simplest level, this significance means that websites ought to be thoughtfully composed, designed, and written. It is important that a firm organizes their website in a way that allows users to find the information they are seeking in the simplest and most time-efficient manner.

At a more advanced level, websites can elevate a visitor’s experience through the use of varied media, such as interactive investment case studies, ongoing blog posts, or video content. Today, such initiatives may seem like additional work, but in the near future they will be the new normal for any investment management website.

Innovatus Capital Partners Website

Paine Schwartz Partners Website

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