Wealth Management

People don’t expect to have a favorable experience with their bank or their brokerage or anyone else associated with their money. But they do expect to be delighted by their wealth management team.

Darien Group understands that the positive signals which could be differentiators for other financial firms are just table stakes for wealth managers. These professionals need to go far beyond the ordinary to get their messages out.

Brand development

Choosing a wealth manager is a highly personal decision — every bit as subjective as choosing a house or a car. That’s why real estate agents and auto dealers concentrate so hard on crafting their brand.

While other financial services firms might be able succeed with a logo, font and color palette, wealth managers are well advised to think about moodboard images, logotype variations and a unique, effective, test-marketed tagline.

Darien Group can help a wealth management firm translate its client focus into consistent, instantly recognizable cues that expand prospect mindshare and, eventually, client intimacy.

Web development

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A new generation of inheritors and makers has its own way of absorbing information. While investors in the 20th century might have taken comfort in the diligence displayed by long, agate-type documents, their descendants favor succinct, digestible infographics which link back to the details. If a message can’t be rendered on Instagram, it’s discoverability might be quite limited.

A clean landing page, accompanied by interior pages that express moods visually and textual content concisely, can keep the bounce rate down. When every page has a brief, targeted message — “Team”, “Resources”, “Mission” – potential clients are more likely to take the next step and schedule a meeting.

Darien Group can develop a well-designed, well-structured, well-written website so wealth managers can focus on preserving and enhancing the value of their clients’ portfolios.

Investor materials

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Reporting to affluent clients is a two-pronged effort. A wealth manager has to factually present financial results and, while that can be challenging, it is a well-understood and repeatable process. The more difficult task a firm has is to convince them that it is approachable, helpful and eager to serve.

There is no formula for this, but there is a playbook: Identify value propositions and boil them down to what Darien Group calls “supporting pillars”. Use client-centered word choice. Focus on differentiation. Build the brand.

Darien Group can help wealth managers craft investor communications that bring all these elements together.

Video and photography production

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Some visuals – those intended to set a mood, for instance – are available through stock image houses. Others – team portraits, client references — need to be built-for-purpose.

But whether a photo is created or curated, it must be rendered in a way that will promote search engine optimization (SEO) and otherwise aid in the site’s discoverability and degree of engagement.

Video has become an indispensable tool for attracting and engaging prospective wealth management clients. Such videos might include:

  • Interviews with executive leadership and portfolio company management teams
  • Supplementary footage of portfolio company business operations
  • Moving case studies of portfolio properties
  • Animations and interactive diagrams

Darien Group is uniquely qualified to sort through stock images and offer recommendations. Its creative team stands ready to schedule photoshoots that draw out a wealth management firm’s personal appeal.

General collateral

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Wealth management is a crowded field and it attracts a broad range of players. The key to instilling confidence among the clientele is frequent communication. Successful professionals aren’t always in fundraising mode. Periodic reports and occasional letters go a long way toward informing clients of substantive changes in the market and the firm’s responses to them. And, if these communiques are expertly composed, they also inform them that there is a person behind the keyboard looking to connect with the person behind the mouse click.

Such outreach is part of the successful wealth manager’s array of branded touchpoints. They stem from the mix of business cards, brochures, letterhead, conference swag and other marketing tools.

Darien Group understands that every missed opportunity to advance or defend a brand is an instance in which that brand’s value is diluted.

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