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I spent the first ten years of my career in communications roles in the investment management industry: first running marketing for Platinum Equity and then as the Director of Investor Relations at bkm Capital Partners. The founder of each firm saw brand as a competitive advantage in accessing deals and securing LP commitments well before the industry as a whole had embraced such a possibility. 

At both posts, I managed the marketing budget and found I had to choose between incomplete solutions when hiring vendors: financial services communications firms without creativity and polish or talented creatives with no fluency in the investment space. I felt there could be great value in an agency that combined the best of both worlds.

In 2015, I started Darien Group to address precisely this gap in the market. The company has grown from humble beginnings (me in a downtown Los Angeles apartment with a telephone and a vision) to a full-fledged marketing and communications consulting firm of more than 30 tram members and over 200 clients served. Through this evolution, we have remained true to our original purpose: to advance the business goals of investment manager clients through the application of creative talent and high standards of excellence.

The proudest achievement of my career is the team we have built to execute on Darien Group’s mission. The firm’s Account Managers, Designers, Programmers, and Project Managers push every day to improve both client deliverables and client experience. They have helped to institute a culture that I believe differentiates us and sets us up for growth and longevity.

I hold an MBA from UCLA Anderson and a BA in English Literature from Pomona College. I live in Singer Island with my wife Alina, our dog Saoirse, and a Maine Coon named Enya. Our home life revolves around food, movies, and a deep-seated Rummikub rivalry.