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I joined Darien Group in 2020 as a Senior Designer and have over 15 years of graphic design experience.

Prior to Darien Group, I worked as a freelancer, where I focused on visual identity, packaging, and infographic design. My key specializations include corporate and consumer branding. I also worked with Ukrainian brands (local and nation-wide alike), as well as international clients. As an infographic designer, I also founded the Visuals media project. Many of my infographics have graced the pages of all major Ukrainian media outlets and even some Western-European ones. Outside of work, I enjoy learning about local architectural history and the popularization of interwar modernist architecture. In fact, I’ve published books, as well as articles in scientific journals on this topic. 

 I hold a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design from the Art Institute of Decorative Modeling and Design, but it was largely my drive towards  self-improvement that shaped me as the designer I am today. I am driven by my knowledge of composition, color and admiration for different typography, and illustrations.