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Since joining Darien Group in 2016, I have been leading all aspects of visual brand development and graphic design. I am proud to have been an integral part of scaling the agency, building the Design & Production Department to a team of remarkable creative professionals, installing production and operational processes, and helping to drive business development activities. 

In my life, I have been heavily influenced by my family, drawing skills from their backgrounds in interior design, social work, journalism, teaching, and earth sciences. I truly appreciate the process of design and like to push my team to make strong impressions with exceptional ideas and thoughtful aesthetic visuals.

I have a BA in Graphic Design from the Luhansk State Institute of Culture and Arts, a Masters in Business Administration and Management from the Ukrainian State Academy of Railway Transport, and a complete course in Art Direction from the Kyiv Academy of Media Arts. 

After living in six different cities around my beautiful country of Ukraine and one year spent in the USA, I am now in Lviv, with my husband, full-stack developer, and biggest fan and motivator Alex. Our home is kept full of love with our three extraordinary kids, two fluffy cats, and a huggable dog.