DG Journal Introductory Note

April 7, 2017     |     Charlie Ittner

Welcome to DG Journal, Darien Group’s online publication covering topics related to investment management branding and communications, with new posts appearing several times per month.

You can expect to see a variety of content on this page:

  • initially, writing on our business, best practices, and articles we find relevant to our mission;
  • soon, display and explanation of work we’ve done for clients;
  • and eventually, an interview series with GPs and LPs in our network, intended to provide ‘straight talk’ about investment management branding and communications.

Branding and Communications vs. Marketing

In speaking about what we do, we use the terms branding and communications rather than marketing, because what we do at Darien Group is not what is typically thought of in the industry as ‘fund marketing.’ Generally, that term covers the work of placement agents and investor relations professionals, most critically the management of relationships with existing and prospective investors.

Consider for a moment that these specialists, both internal (IR team) and external (placement agent) are like networks of telephone lines, connecting the fundraiser with potential sources of investment. Their efficacy is dependent upon the breadth and strength of their network, its ability to carry a signal.

What we focus on at Darien Group is not the means of signal transmission, but rather refinement of the signal itself.


Our Primary Job

How can a GP use its marketing materials to better communicate the unique or differentiating elements of its story? At Darien Group, this is our primary job. We look for market and performance data to support claims that help set our clients apart from their peers, and we leverage our in-house writing, design, and production teams to illustrate client firms’ personalities and develop their brands.

Two years into our company’s journey, the positivity and enthusiasm of the market for these services has been greater than my most optimistic expectations. I’m truly grateful for the great fortune the business has experienced: strong client demand, gracious support from my professional network, and a truly outstanding team of hardworking and creative people.

Now, with our company established, I want to amplify our signal in the interest of expanding our universe and offering some of the benefit of our experience and knowledge to a much wider group of people in and around the industry. I’m excited to see what conversations we might be able to initiate through this outreach effort.


Welcome to DG Journal.

Charlie Ittner

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