B2B REPORT | Principle #1: Invest in Web Design

August 8, 2017     |     Darien Group

From Forbes, to Inc. and Business Insider, many web pundits say that it takes seven seconds for a person to make a first impression. Applying the same behavioral psychology to the online realm, where Preqin and Pitchbook have become go-to resources for fund discovery, prospective LPs and other important audiences will qualify the online appearance of prospective GPs with similar haste.

Given that the digital economy has elevated the website from enterprise accessory into the public face of the brand, the seven-second rule compels GPs to prioritize intuitive and visually engaging design. Here are some key factors to keep in mind:

  • Adapt to the new logistics of SEO1. Google still accounts for two-thirds of all Internet search traffic, but Bing, Yahoo, Apple and Facebook are capturing market share. Apple’s Siri, Google Now, Microsoft’s Cortana and other voice-activated search tools are also gaining traction.

  • Improve search-ranking through strategic internal link-building2. Internal link-building is one that directs to another page on the same website3. They allow visitors to navigate a website seamlessly and establishes a website’s ranking power.     
  • Think mobile-first. Today’s B2B audience is more likely to discover online content on a mobile or tablet device than a desktop. Also, Google is launching a second search index aimed exclusively at mobile4.

  • Design should be responsive, intuitive and able to seamlessly adapt to all mobile, tablet and desktop interfaces.
  • Integrate video5. Beyond its emergence as an essential B2B marketing practice, the largest PE firms such as Blackstone and The Carlyle Group are increasingly reaching investors with online video. Keep in mind that 30-second video spots are ideal for people in the 35-to-54 demographic, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau6.
  • Clearly state who you are and what you do at the top of the homepage. Keep it simple and avoid clichés.
  • Use infographics and other interactive elements to engage and educate target audiences.

  • Include pictures and small bios of key personnel and links to social media portals.
  • To the extent, you have the internal resources and a commitment to keeping it active and current, create a blog section to drive brand-equity growth through storytelling and subject-matter expertise.
  • Offer a secure login portal for existing investors.

For those seeking more intelligence on the evolving landscape of PE fund marketing & branding, DG Journal will be publishing insights on each principle in coming editions.


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