When to Choose a Single Scroll Private Equity Website Over a Multi-Page Private Equity Website

November 1, 2023     |     Darien Group

When it comes to private equity website, one of the crucial decisions to make is whether to opt for a single scroll or multi-page format. This article will explore why, for many new firms, single-scroll sites tend to win out and the advantages of this approach for newer or smaller investment firms.

What is a Single-Scroll Private Equity Website?

A single scroll website is exactly as it sounds – it consists of a single page with no, or very few, interior pages. This setup may still include a top navigation bar, but instead of directing viewers to a separate page, the navigation simply scrolls down to a content anchor within the home page.

Single scroll websites can range from compact and short to fairly extensive in length, with a wealth of information. They are often quicker and less expensive to develop, due to a lower design and production burden on the agency, making them an enticing choice for certain contexts.

Take a look at the single scroll we recently launched for Constellation Wealth Capital. This is an excellent example of how a well-crafted and thoughtfully designed single scroll can serve a newly formed firm in their early days. 

When is a Single Scroll Website Appropriate?

The choice between a single scroll and a multi-page website is commonly dictated by the size and age of the organization. Newer managers and smaller companies, whether measured by employee count or assets under management, are the most likely to benefit from a single scroll website.

For instance, if a team spins out of a larger firm, they may be starting their first fund with no portfolio or just a few pre-fund deals. If the team is small and the firm is in a state of rapid development and growth, investing time and resources into a multi-page website may not be the best approach.

Factors Influencing the Choice

There could also be strategic reasons to get a website up quickly. Perhaps a fundraising initiative is due to start soon, and the company wants to ensure prospective investors can easily find their digital presence. 

In situations where the timeline is short, the budget is tight, or the company is new enough that the founders are bootstrapping, a single scroll website can offer a high-quality solution that doesn’t break the bank.

A single scroll website can serve a firm well into its second or even third fund. At this stage, it may be time to invest in a full multi-page site, complete with a strategy page, an ESG page, an improved team page with individual bio pages, and so forth.

Advantages of a Single Scroll Website

One final point to bear in mind is that for smaller managers, a multi-page site may appear thin on content. For example, a dedicated portfolio page with only three or four investments might give the impression of being underdeveloped, regardless of the substantiality of the investments. The same concern goes for the team page.

A single scroll website helps avoid this issue, presenting all the necessary information in a format that feels substantial and elegant.

As you’ve seen, single scroll websites are an excellent tool for smaller or newer firms, providing a cost-effective, efficient, and effective digital presence.Of course, there are always exceptions and other considerations when it comes to the best private equity website for a particular firm. Book a call with the team at Darien Group today so we can discuss the most impactful strategy for your firm.

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