Annual General Meeting

Even the most self-confident chief executives feel the pressure when they rise up to the dais to face shareholders, bondholders, lienholders and everyone else who are invested in their success or failure. The annual general meeting (AGM) is equal parts performance review and public spectacle.

The better prepared top management is for this yearly rite, the more likely attendees are to take away the message being presented, whether that be unreservedly cheery news or a sober discussion of challenges faces and challenges to come.

Event management

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An AGM is more than a meeting. It’s an event. Logistically, there is so much more to it than booking the big conference room on the calendar app and opening up a bridge line.

There could be coffee meetings, breakout sessions and lunch speakers as well as the general session. Maybe this requires check-in, badging, media relations and room for display booths. Such logistics as venue and catering selection as well as physical security all require actions on the part of somebody with serious event management expertise.

A company’s AGM outreach is part of the successful wealth manager’s array of branded touchpoints. They stem from the mix of business cards, brochures, letterhead, conference swag and other marketing tools. These must also be prominently displayed.

Darien Group knows how to demonstrate to investors that the executives they came to hear know how to assemble a team that can complete a complex project seamlessly.

Slide deck

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If times are good, growth companies might have to distinguish their value proposition from those of other projects, without overpromising. If times are bad, they might have to explain revenue shortfalls, unrealized market share projections or other unanticipated challenges. If times are unsettled, investors are going to ask about contingency plans – and they might also need reassurance that their lock-in periods don’t add undue risk.

All these factors must be considered when developing an AGM deck – or really any financial communication. In addition, this deck needs to ensure brand consistency as well as conformance with prevailing legal standards of fair disclosure.

There is a structure to these decks. The slide headlines should follow a narrative from start to end. Each slide’s content should link logically to its headline, driving home one – and only one – key point.

Darien Group’s creative team possesses proven skill in providing compelling content while adhering to the structure, so these professionals can help any business with outside investors provide a professionally crafted AGM deck to take all these concerns into consideration.

Video and photography production

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The AGM slide deck ought to be enhanced by an embedded video that promotes the presenter’s narrative, exudes high production value and maintains brand consistency. It could include such content as:

  • Interviews with executive leadership and portfolio company management teams
  • Supplementary footage of portfolio company business operations
  • Moving case studies of portfolio properties
  • Animations and interactive diagrams

Darien Group stands ready to schedule professional photoshoots that highlight the company’s value to its investors as well the credentials of the leadership team in which they placed their confidence.

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