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Environmental, Social and Governance

Being a good corporate citizen is more important than ever. That’s because potential investors are looking at responsible stewardship every bit as closely as is any local conservationist. And yet there is much more to conscientious governance than “going green.” Global reporting guidelines have proliferated, although companies of all sizes and in all industrial sectors have often been slow to catch up.

Some fund charters plainly state policies that focus their concentration on firms that meet specific environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards. In other cases, individuals charged with making investment decisions on behalf of these funds have their own preferences for companies that can demonstrate a commitment to the betterment of society. In either case, it’s not enough for a firm to be that model of good governance – it has to effectively communicate a passion for it.

Sustainability Reports

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Darien Group has helped clients formulate how they promote clean water and sanitation, affordable and clean energy, inclusive and sustainable industrialization, responsible consumption and production, and actions to reduce climate impact.

Descriptions of corporate values are necessary but not sufficient. That goes for case studies that illustrate a company’s commitment. Stakeholders also want to know how much a firm is spending on acquiring technologies and assets to address environmental issues. Furthermore, they’re concerned about how specific sustainability actions align with a company’s business portfolio and investment lifecycle. And they want such specific metrics as gallons of hazardous materials replaced by low-impact substitutes, kilowatt-hours of electricity presently generated by renewable sources, and tons of waste removed from landfill stream.

Economic and Social Reporting

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Sustainability goes well beyond environmental stewardship. Darien Group has helped clients describe how they have worked to alleviate poverty and hunger, promote public health, raise educational standards, ensure gender equality, and extend the benefits of economic growth. These objectives map to sustainability development goals (SDGs) conceived by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) and approved by the General Assembly in 2015, which have since been promulgated across all member states.

Stakeholders have a keen interest in how a company might be pursuing these SDGs. Has it turned a stream of byproducts once viewed as useless waste into a source of proteins to feed livestock? Has it added a step to its processes to check biomass inputs for diseases that – until a recent technology investment was made – were too difficult and expensive to detect?

Depending on a company’s needs, its progress in addressing such concerns can be folded into a single sustainability report or translated into as many as a half dozen separate statements. They can be as brief as a two-page brochure or as detailed as a 40-page e-book. Regardless of formatting, these reports require as much narrative structure, high-quality design, and relevant infographics as an annual report to shareholders.

Web Content

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While formal ESG reports showcase a firm’s commitment to sustainability and other socially responsible objectives, they should not stand alone. Providing related content on the website – in both static content and as blog posts – amplifies the message. This not only aids in discoverability, it ensures that multiple communication channels carry the same message, thus strengthening the brand.

Darien Group can ensure that these posts are engaging, well designed, and visually consistent with the company’s image.

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