Modern Private Equity Website Design Strategies for Investment Managers

September 15, 2023     |     Darien Group

In the sphere of investment management, website development isn’t just a task – it’s a strategic milestone. This is especially true for our clientele at Darien Group, a specialized branding agency with extensive experience in brand and website development. Our clients, mostly investment managers, often approach us when they need a new private equity website – typically spurred by significant circumstances.

The Need for a Private Equity Website Overhaul

An outdated website – whether aesthetically or functionally – can negatively impact the perception of an investment management firm’s brand, especially among people who aren’t yet familiar with the firm. It’s crucial, then, for firms to regularly update their websites, as outdated design trends and obsolete programming functionality can make a private equity website look dated and unappealing.

Strategic Considerations for a Modern Private Equity Website

Beyond mere aesthetics, many of our clients also have strategic reasons for revamping their websites. It could be due to new fund strategies, expansion into a new market segment, a focus on sector specialization, or a transition into private credit that necessitates a more transparent, information-rich website. A private equity website redesign is ultimately a sizable project – but one that’s necessary and worth the investment.

The Cornerstone of the Brand

A website is often the cornerstone of a private equity firm’s brand, and not just visually. It’s the longest-lived piece of material that firms have, typically updated every three to five years. This makes it vital to carefully consider the tone, message, and visual brand being set through private equity websites. 

It’s an investment that firms make once every few years, so it’s important to get it right the first time and ensure it will make a positive impression for years to come. Maintenance and smaller updates to the website also become more manageable when the brand is consistently and adequately represented.

A Brand Development Project

At Darien Group, we believe every website development project is, at its core, a brand development project. We start by understanding a firm’s DNA – its mission, vision, values, and future goals – and then represent these elements through the medium of the website. 

While putting together a site may seem simple enough, especially given the relatively simple structure and functionality of investment management websites, the process is far from straightforward.

Doing More Than Just the Bare Minimum with Private Equity Websites

We’re not interested in simply reproducing a cookie-cutter private equity website with a new color palette. We strive to say something original and do something original with each project we take on. This ethos informs everything we do, from the initial project conception to the final launch.

Stay tuned for further chapters, where we’ll delve into the tactical, technical, and execution-related aspects of how a website comes together, how it’s produced, and how it’s launched.

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