Crafting an Effective ‘About’ Page for Your Investment Firm

October 16, 2023     |     Darien Group

The ‘About’ page of your private equity website is a crucial component that tells your firm’s story. Whether your investment firm has been around for 40 years in private equity or is a two-year-old real estate manager, your ‘About’ page should communicate essential details about your firm.

This includes

  • its mission,
  • the markets it participates in, and
  • its strategies and funds.

‘About’ Pages for Private Equity Websites: Best Practices

This page will often house your firm’s history or timeline, and the content it showcases will vary depending on your firm’s narrative. Whether you are a 15-year-old former hedge fund now handling private credit or a newly launched entity, the content on this page should appeal to your reader and provide them with the key facts they need.

  1. Keep the reader top of mind

When considering what to include, it’s crucial to consider the reader. What information is most relevant to them? How can it be presented best? 

The first step here is identifying the primary target audiences for your website. Once that is done, Darien Group conducts interviews, performs research, and provides suggestions regarding the most effective messaging.

  1. Your ‘About’ page should complement your homepage

It’s vital to ensure that the content on your ‘About’ page complements what’s on your home page. Strategizing the thematic separation of content ensures that while the home page discusses more about the investment strategy, the ‘About’ page focuses more on the firm’s history.

  1. Content considerations

Think of the ‘About’ page as your optimal Wikipedia entry. Keep your content light and straightforward, and avoid long paragraphs and heavy word count. In our fast-paced digital age, viewers lack the patience to read through seven lengthy paragraphs. As such, consider incorporating video content—it often helps keep audiences engaged longer.

  1. Appropriate linking

If the ‘About’ page includes references to other interior pages, make sure these are linked appropriately, thus encouraging users to continue navigating your site. For example, if you have a new strategy you want to highlight, consider promoting it visually on your ‘About’ page to drive more visitor traffic to its specific section.

  1. The viewer’s journey

Finally, consider the journey of the viewer. After reading through all the content on the ‘About’ page, where do you want them to go next? This is where knowledgeable UX/UI design becomes critical. 

A contact form is often a good strategy, giving prospective clients the option to get in touch directly. Alternatively, directing them to a portfolio page allows them a deeper understanding of what your firm is invested in.

Tell the Story of Your Firm with Your Private Equity ‘About’ Page

Remember, your ‘About’ page will likely be copy-heavy compared to other pages. It’s crucial to communicate the key differentiators that set your firm apart. Visual aids such as diagrams or custom icons can help make this information easier to digest. Consider bringing in content from other materials, such as presentations, where possible.

Above all, an effective ‘About’ page tells the story of your firm and its evolution, giving your potential investors an insight into who you are and what you stand for.

If you’re ready to talk more about crafting not only a compelling ‘About’ page but all of our other proven strategies for the best private equity websites, contact Darien Group today. 

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