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With the founding of a new company, or at any major strategic milestone, such as launching a website or rolling out new fund marketing materials, a company should consider the fundamentals of a brand from messaging and aesthetic standpoints.

Darien Group frequently recommends isolated brand development exercises when a client is considering the evolution of its brand across multiple key touch points,  such as its website or fund marketing materials.  Considering these fundamentals allows the creative services provider and the client to explore in-depth the true value proposition and personality of the firm.


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Messaging development is an exercise that paves the way for future website headlines,  pitchbook content,  and copy throughout every touch point.

Typical messaging hierarchy will include vision and mission statements,  brand promises,  personality attributes,  and descriptors.  Darien Group can also develop taglines and conduct naming exercises for firms and fund product lines.


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We believe a strong visual brand can be much more than a new logo.  A well-developed brand identity will provide insights into a firm and its culture,  increasing the likelihood of positive first impressions from its audiences.

Whether our clients are raising capital for a first fund or embarking on a visual rebrand,  Darien Group seeks to capture clientele’s overall objectives for their company as well as the personality of the team as a whole.  This understanding optimizes the path forward to developing a corporate brand that is cohesive and representative of the firm.

Example of a Moodboard

Example of a Moodboard

We begin the brand discovery process by creating visual worlds through mood board development,  which helps our clients speak design in an easy,  high-level way and establishes strong foundations for each component of the visual brand:

–    Logotype:  the most prominent symbol of the firm

–    Color Palette:  a harmonious combination of key colors associated with the visual brand

–    Typography:  a complementary set of fonts consistently used throughout brand materials

–    Imagery:  visual representations of the brand that accurately portray the firm,  its team and culture,  and its portfolio companies or properties

The end result is a holistic package delivered to our clients that includes final logotype files,  a color palette and typography guide,  and a series of mockups that preview visual brand rollout in upcoming corporate marketing materials,  such as a website,  corporate brochure,  or investor presentation.

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