A Better Class of Branding and Communications Services for Private Equity and Real Estate Investors

Darien Group is a marketing firm founded and evolved specifically to serve the needs of clients in the investment management industry.

We combine a creative approach with deep understanding of the private equity and real estate investment industries, developing and producing brands, digital platforms, and fundraise materials that help our clients more effectively achieve their business goals.

In their work with us, Charlie and the Darien Group team captured both the personality of our brand and key aspects of our investment model. They continue to be a valuable resource toward our communications programs.

CEO and Founding Partner | Paine Schwartz Partners


Darien Group strives toward the superlative execution of a full spectrum of digital platforms, marketing materials, and media assets that create value for investment managers.

Darien Group’s clients benefit from a fully dedicated and focused team that handles every aspect of an engagement, from conceptualization through design and development and ending with final production.

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Our Clients

Paine Schwartz Partners
New Mountain Capital
Starwood REIT
Kennedy Wilson
OpenGate Capital
Court Square
Arden Group
Lightyear Capital

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