B2B REPORT | Principle #4: Multi-Channel Integration

November 17, 2017     |     Darien Group

Our final B2B marketing principal extends beyond the digital realm. While digital should be the primary marketing vehicle for the PE / RE industry today, GPs cannot dismiss the value of an integrated multi-channel strategy. As such, fund managers should also leverage traditional channels like direct-mail, promotional events and even print ads. Regardless of the medium, all messaging from the logos, to the “calls to action,” must be consistent and reflective of the brand’s unique DNA. But the real disruption involves the segmentation of digital channels, with the supplement of video marketing.

Beyond the inclusion of slick and succinct video spots on GP landing pages, fund managers can advance thought-leadership objectives by hosting webinars and online ask-me-anything (AMA) sessions, the latter of which have emerged on platforms like GPs should also monitor the growing phenomenon of experiential B2B marketing, which is gaining steam through new channels like Facebook Live and Twitter’s Periscope.

It’s important to note that this B2B principle is meaningless unless GPs conduct a thorough a brand assessment to define, in a clear and compelling manner, who they are and what they do. Please contact us to learn more about what Darien Group can do for your integration.

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