What Qualifies Us To Do This?

June 24, 2017     |     Charlie Ittner

We Have Specifically Relevant Experience

Our copywriting team’s experience includes nationally published articles, domestic and international private placement memoranda, and a master’s thesis on portfolio company management.

Our design team has conceptualized, designed, laid out, and produced literally dozens of investor presentation documents, in addition to its strong portfolio in more traditional competencies such as brochures and websites.

As for me, the Managing Partner of this firm: I have been a full-time communications manager at two GPs (one private equity, one real estate), and I have consulted for several others in the industry prior to starting Darien Group.


We’ve Built In-House Capabilities

Our team of ten professionals allows us to execute nearly 100% of the work on client projects in-house. The benefit to clients is twofold: one, our team is focused solely on the needs of our clients, and two, the team works efficiently on project types it understands well through repeated execution.


We’re Fluent in the Languages of Investment Management and Creativity

It is difficult to find resources that can write investor-facing materials effectively and deliver exciting creative work. Excelling at both disciplines makes our services highly efficient for our clients, who can reduce their own time invested in messaging and writing work, and also avoid hiring multiple providers for their brand and communications programs.

Darien Group’s ultimate mission is that our clients are able to raise capital more confidently and more easily through improved communications strategies and elevated marketing materials. We look forward to connecting with you and partnering together for your next fundraise.

Charlie Ittner

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