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Video and Photography Production

Photo and video assets play an essential role in brand development and the production of external-facing materials.

High-quality media should serve as enduring brand assets,  leverageable toward websites,  search engine optimization,  and collateral.  Their usage and relative quality can elevate or limit the overall effectiveness of a brand narrative.

The New Industry Standard

Increasingly, the investment management industry is adopting video as a best practice when building new websites,  bolstering search engine optimization (SEO),  and fostering engagement at annual general meetings (AGMs).  Video is a chance for new constituents, such as prospective investors or intermediaries,  to interact with a firm prior to actually meeting,  and can showcase new angles of a firm’s value proposition to existing contacts.

There are many ways to craft exciting video content for private equity and real estate managers:

–    Interviews with executive leadership and portfolio company management teams

–    Supplementary footage of portfolio company business operations

–    Moving case studies of portfolio properties

–    Animations and interactive diagrams

Whatever its application, the immediacy of video content makes it appealing to firms in any industry.

Capturing a Firm’s Character

A thoughtful and professionally planned photoshoot will yield image assets that serve a firm for years to come. Executive headshots and team photos have the ability to convey a firm’s personality and character. Candid shots of team members are an excellent replacement for stock imagery as website banners and corporate brochure photos. Additionally, photoshoots are another effective way to showcase a private equity firm’s portfolio company’s operations or a real estate firm’s properties.

All these efforts are multiplicative of a client’s investments in their overall digital presence. Websites and search engine profiles will benefit greatly from a large,  diverse base of video and photo media.  Proper tagging and cataloguing will help these assets (and,  likewise,  the firm that develops them) rise to the top of the search rankings.

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